The real heroes.


Ben Maunder

Co-founder, voice actor

Head of Marketing, Co -Writer, Games journalist.

Voice roles: Solarus/Alexander Derro; various minor.

Gareth Johns

Co-Founder, Writer and Director, Voice actor. Head of production

Head writer for the Tempest and Shield storylines and Head of long term planning. Novelist and voice actor

Voice roles: Various

Joe Fillipone

Actor and Voice Actor

Voice roles: Skorch,  various minor

Casey Meavorn

Co founder, Voice Actress and Producer

Trained at Riverside Music Complex in Clarkston, Scotland. 

Produced a number of Sedisverse episodes, including "Growth".

Voice roles: Kayleigh Jones, Shrooms

Sim Meavorn

Co founder, Lead animator and Voice Actor

Voice actor in audio novels, computer games,

machinima and audio drama

Voice roles: Grim/Elliot Thomas, Case Jones, Toby Jones, Narrator, Various minor

Brian Narendra


Chris Forrester

Co Founder, Lead Musician, Co animator and Voice actor

Voice Roles: The Flame

Amy Janek

 Voice actor

Voice Roles: Roach/Francesca Mendoza

Tony Hills-Duty

 Voice actor

Voice Roles: Franklin Salmon/Shield

Jago Ash

 Voice actor

Voice Roles: Ezoc Lotleth

Tegan Harris

 Voice actor

Voice Roles: Snipe

Korlin Carter

 Voice actor

Voice Roles: Inspector Barneswell, Capt Gallagher

Anthony Perinich

Voice actor

Voice Roles: Unshiri agents, Agent Corrigan.

Thomas Nicholls

Voice actor

Voice Roles: Various

Aurora Adams

Voice actress

Voice Roles: Alice Chamberlain, Various

Oliver Koppert

Voice actor

Voice Roles: Inspector Haynes

Casten Clausner

Voice actor

Voice Roles: Various

Laura Mckee

Voice actress

Voice Roles: Dr Evelyn Sanders

Gabriel Uriarte

Voice actor

Voice Roles: Detective Burdock

Klara Eales

Voice actress

Voice Roles: Various

Christian Spencer

Character animator, Voice actor

Voice Roles: Various

3d Modeller and Animator

Safeena Ladha

Voice over artist

Voice Roles: Various

Sreenivasa Chakravarthy

Voice over artist

Voice Roles: Various

Elsa Nilaj

Voice over artist

Voice Roles: Various

Mark Taudevin

Voice over artist

Voice Roles: Sgt Davis, Paul Steinbach

Beth Collins

Voice over artist

Voice Roles: Various


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